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Watershed may now be South Africa’s leading acoustic rock group, with a string of platinum and gold albums and awards to its name - but when its debut single  ‘Indigo Girl’ surged up South Africa’s charts back in 2000, it was hard to predict just how successful the group would be. 

Watershed’s debut was followed by ‘Wrapped In Stone’ in 2003, which earned the band its South African Music Award for Best Pop Album the following year – and confirmed its standing as a pop outfit capable of writing and performing material that easily stood shoulder-to-shoulder with anything emerging from the global music scene.

Continued radio play and consistent live requests for Watershed’s breakout hit, “Indigo Girl’ confirms the enduring appeal this melodic pop masterpiece but it’s not alone: ‘Lovely Day’, the opening track of the South African Music Award-winning album ‘Wrapped In Stone’, is as terrific now as it was on its debut; Falling’s elegant flowing river of sound drags you along with ease and ‘Future Sunshine’ is sparse and quite beautiful. 



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