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Naming james

Long time resident of musical obscurity, Jamie Acheson, has been creeping into hearts as one of South Africa’s most beloved writers of foot-tapping melodies and soul stirring songs. He has been jestering on stages small, medium and large around the country over the span of two full-length, and independently released albums, ‘The Butcher’s Knife’, in 2012 and ‘Into The Night’ from 2014. A versatile sage of the stage who has played, raged and toured here, there and everywhere with a line-up as a big band and also a little band, is focusing the evolution of Naming James into mostly solo performance, but not limited to having the odd guest or two. This choice of fresh direction is to allow the offering of brand new songs an opportunity to breathe and fulfill the promise of being some of his most imaginative songs yet….

(source: Naming James' website))


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