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MEmory game

by blue hands imaging

One of my favourite board games was, and still is the memory game. Growing  up we had one called "Nature Memory" and I still remember certain cards: the orange rose, a donkey, two hamsters, a flock of geese...
I recall telling a friend years ago that I would love to create a board game one day. A memory game!

Fast forward to 2022, I have moved to a small village on the Atlantic shore of South Africa, with unique, incredibly beautiful and diverse scenery and nature.

I love exploring my new home, always with camera in hand, never tiring of capturing the seascapes, mountains, cloud formations and the vast biodiversity in flora and fauna. Inspired by so much beauty my creative mind recalled the game I've always wanted to create, the game I enjoyed playing growing up.

My desire is to create a game that can be played without a screen or WiFi. Hopefully it is an activity that will bring family and friends together to make memories while finding the matching pairs.

I'm very excited to be launching the first edition of a memory game from blue hands imaging. It is called the 'Overstrand Edition'  and it is a tribute to this beautiful part of the world and its unique ecosystem. I encourage you all to enjoy, respect and protect nature, wherever you live, and wherever you travel.

What's in the box?

80 cards (40 pairs) depicting the beauty of the Overstrand region.

For 2 or more players, ages 4 and up.

Discover your favourite pair and share it on

Instagram @bluehands_memorygame or

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Where to buy your set:



Coffee on Clarence, Betty's Bay

Pringle Gifts, Pringle Bay

Please drop us a message if you'd like to order a set and have it shipped to you - we'll make a plan!

Memory Game Find the matching pairs!
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