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Who is blue hands imaging?

Barbara is the founder of blue hands imaging and still spends almost all of her time behind her camera.

To find out more we asked her a handful of questions:

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Have you always worked as a photographer?

No, I worked in IT for many years.

But over 20 years ago, during a 1 week internship with a photographer at the local newspaper, my passion for photography started and so when I moved from Germany to South Africa in 2012 I decided to follow the advice of many wise people: do what you love and love what you do.

I enrolled at Jonathan Andrew's School of Photography in Johannesburg and also at the College of Digital Photography in Pretoria to help me to turn my passion into skills and a business.


What would be the ultimate shot for you?


A view of the earth from space. I am hoping that people like Richard Branson will one day make it affordable to make that happen!


What would be your favourite short-term photographic destination and why?

Ireland. To capture all the different shades of green.


What inspires you?

Passion and talent. Finding out what someone's passion is and see how their whole face changes when talking about it.


Black/white or colour?

Sometimes you have the freedom to use whatever you want but sometimes you have to work with the situation. For example, I recently shot Johannesburg's skyline from the office tower at the Carlton Center but it was quite a 'hazy' day and shooting in colour was just not working. So I switched to black and white and suddenly the images took on a sort of mysterious, amost eerie feel!
When it comes to assignments I usually offer the clients their photos in colour as well as a selection in black&white, so they can decide for themselves what they prefer / what works best for the use they have in mind.


Being not only a portrait, product and lifestyle photographer but also a musician photographer, which artist is your number 1?

I enjoy working with musicians in general. A musician gives the best that he or she can at every moment on stage. As a photographer you have the good fortune and the honour to capture these moments and share them. Every musician, every band is different and that's what's so inspiring to me. And I love to get to know new bands and artists.


But ok, to answer the question: Bruce Springsteen. To me his energy and presence on stage are just unique and to capture his essence in an image would be definitely a huge honour.


What do you like about photographing products?

Products can't pose. They are just what they are and it is up to the photographer to make the most out of the image. For example, even a single strawberry needs to have its essence and uniqueness captured. I once shot images for a dental equipment company. You know, things like compressors and dental chairs and stuff like that. "Wow", I thought, "these products are just not sexy?" But at the end

of the day I realised that there is something really cool about all of the gauges and valves on a compressor!


And the last question: are your hands blue?

Nope. ;-)

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